What is Upward Bound?

Upward Bound (UB) is a federally funded program serving West and Bartlett High School students from low-income backgrounds and/or who may be the first-generation in their family to complete a 4-year college degree. The primary objective of the program is to assist students in preparing for a postsecondary education.

The purpose of Upward Bound is to assist students in the development of the skills and motivation necessary to succeed both in high school and beyond. Admission to the Upward Bound program is not automatic; students and their parents/guardians must complete this application, meet eligibility requirements, and demonstrate the desire and need for program support. Students who are admitted must agree to take part in both the academic year and the summer program. All UB services are FREE!

Helping students become successful in life is our mission! The services we offer help students reach their goals because in Upward Bound, college is not just a dream, but the plan. If admitted, you will become part of a program of which you can be proud.

If you have questions about Upward Bound or concerns/issues with this applications, please contact our office at uaa_ub@alaska.edu or 907-538-8746 or your advisor at 907-538-7874 (Ms. Jess).

Please note that once you begin this application, in order not to lose what you have already inputted, it is recommended that you submit it once completed as there is no option or feature yet to save and go back to at a later time.

In order to fully assess your eligibility to be a participant of this program, we will need to know your social security number and your parent/guardian's taxable income information. We assure you that this information will be kept confidential.

Completion of this application does not guarantee acceptance into the Upward Bound program.

General Student Information
First Name *
Middle Name
Last Name *
Current Grade Level *
School ID Number *
Social Security Number (Required by US D.O.E) *
Student Phone Number
Local Address *
Local Address 2
Local City *
Local State *
Local Zip *
Gender *
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Citizenship *
Ethnicity (Hispanic) [1 = Yes; 2 = No] *
White [1 = Yes; 2 = No] *
Black or African American [1 = Yes; 2 = No] *
American Indian/Alaskan Native [1 = yes; 2 = no] *
Asian [1 = Yes; 2 = No] *
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander [1 = Yes; 2 = No] *
Is a language other than English spoken at home?
If yes, what language?
Are you currently in foster care?
If you have a relative in Upward Bound (UB) or Student Support Services (SSS), what is their name and what is your relationship to them (brother, cousin, etc.)?

General Parent/Guardian Information
Who does the student primarily live with? (parent(s), guardian(s), if other, explain) *
Parent 1/Guardian 1 Name *
Parent 1/Guardian 1 Cellphone
Parent 1/Guardian 1 Home phone
Parent 1/Guardian 1 email address
Parent 1/Guardian 1 Employer name & contact number
Parent 2/Guardian 2 Name
Parent 2/Guardian 2 Cellphone
Parent 2/Guardian 2 Home phone
Parent 2/Guardian 2 Email
Parent 2/Guardian 2 Employer name & contact number

Biological or Adoptive Parent Education

Please note that you are only required to indicate the education information of the biological or adoptive parent you regularly reside with and receive support from. 

Parent #1 Relationship
Highest level of education completed
2 year College
Institution Name:
Certificate/Associates in:
4 years College
Institution Name:
Highest degree completed:
Parent #2 Relationship
Highest level of education completed
2 year College
Institution Name:
Certificate/Associates in:
4 year College
Institution Name:
Highest degree completed:

Academic Information
Are you in a language immersion program?
If yes, what language?
Will you be the first person in your family to graduate from college?
What is your current cumulative GPA?
Who is your high school counselor? (if you are not sure, you can find this information on Zangle) *
Are you taking or have you completed any AP/IB/honor courses?
Tell us about yourself and your family.
Response *
Explain why you want to be in Upward Bound and why you need the services provided by the program.
Response *
Describe your educational goals.
Response *
Describe your extra-curricular activities (clubs, sports, volunteer service, part-time job, etc.).
Response *
Explain why you are willing to make a commitment to the Upward Bound program.
Response *

Financial Information
2019 Annual Taxable Income (Refer to IRS 1040 & 1040-SR Line 11B)
Did not file a return? (please indicate your parental monthly take home pay including child support, social security benefits, etc.)
Do you receive free or reduced lunch?
Number of people supported by income (household size)

Authorizations & Signatures

In order to best serve Upward Bound participants in the areas of educational planning and postsecondary enrollment, it is critical for Upward Bound personnel to have access to the following educational records. I give my permission for project administrators to request and receive any educational records regarding my child such as:

  • Class schedules
  • Transcripts/grades
  • Scores for standardized achievement, college placement and diagnostic tests/assessments
  • Discipline records
  • Attendance records
  • Graduation verification
  • Special programs records (this includes all special services your student may receive, such as special education)
  • Other reports or academic data required for admission and participation in the Upward Bound program and necessary to provide effective services and track education outcomes for the applicant.

Photo/Media Release

Additionally, by signing below, you give permission to the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) and or parties designated by UAA to copy, reproduce or publish your photograph, or likeness, for the purpose of illustration, advertising, display, audiovisual and public relations purposes.

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